One Last Poem in Honor of National Poetry Month

One last poetry entry. This is one I wrote myself. I was not going to post anything I wrote but Mrs. afarensis threatened to do horrible things if I didn’t. This is actually an older one and is stylistically much different from recent attempts…I should mention that it is about Bach…

Listen to the music,
and meet the soul of man,
from the deep recesses of sin,
to the transient greatness of man,
all contained in it,
like the music of the great god Pan.
Listen to the organ,
full of macbre power,
or the graceful pipings of the flutes,
symbols of mans’ passing hour.
Softly woven threads of fate,
roam through the songs,
and Man, realizing it’s too late,
cries out for but one precious instant,
to settle the wars the pain the wrongs.
Sometimes this is granted,
and sometimes not,
so often mankind grows careless to his lot,
while the music rolls on and on,
playing out the drama of man’s unknown soul
and where will it end?
Only in time will we know.

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  1. Hmm. Cute.

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