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Added Later: About an hour after I posted this they showed up and fixed the problem. So things are back to normal…
Late Friday evening the electricity started acting floopy. Next day I started calling around trying to get an electrician (on a holiday weekend no less) – if I had only walked outside in the backyard…which I got round to Sunday. One of the three power lines leading to my house had snapped. Leaving the afarensis household sans AC, refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove- you know all the big power draws. It also knocked out the power in the room where my computer sits. Tried running an extension cord but it knocked out the power in whatever room I plugged in in. One of my neighbors was kind enough to let me run an extension cord to his house (for the refrigerator) and my computer is tapped into that at the moment. In the mean time I have spent the last two days trying to get the electric company out here to fix it. Question: What could is having an emergency number if you don’t actually respond to the calls you receive? For the second day in a row they have promised me they would be here, but so far nothing. Hopefully, it will be taken care of soon but till then posts will be few and far between…until then call me hot and cranky. Oh, and I hope it snows here in St. Louis today…

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  1. Tell them your heirs will sue them for criminal negligence after you die from exposure…

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