The Alien Invasion: Anal Probe Explained

I’m somewhat addicted to the movie ‘Eight Legged Freaks”. I find it totally hysterical (love the song at the end…”itsy, bitsy spider crawled into moma’s bed, climbed upon her hubby and bit him in the head, moma laid there sleeping while hubby laid there dead, then the itsy bitsy spider crawled out of moma’s bed” classic!). Any way, in one scene Doug E. Doug goes on a tirade about aliens and anal probes at one point he says “…I mean, what do they expect to find there, it’s just wrong!”. Well, the question has been answered…


The above is an x-ray of a mallard. Note the alien face (circled in red). Apparently, one part of the invasion plan consists of inserting aliens into people and critters via anal probe…
Or it could be Jesus, rather than an alien…anyway National Geographic has the story.
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  1. Apparently, one part of the invasion plan consists of inserting aliens into people and critters via anal probe…

    Funny … I always figured humans carried some microbe that threatened cause a pandemic amoung aliens, bringing down the entire UFO civilization.
    See for example this post of Tara’s .

  2. This post made me very happy. Now I know I am not the only one whose secret pleasure is “Eight Legged Freaks” – I watched it many times – and not just for Scarlett Johanssen!

  3. Don’t forget Kari Wuhrer – who looked really good in this movie. I liked Scarlett Johansson up till she Tasered her boyfriend (who did deserve it, but still…). Yes, I love the movie. Cracks me up everytime I see it.

  4. um. the ‘anal probe’ thing is not possible. because aliens are not possible without having anuses themselves. see, if they cannot eat, they can’t regeneate cells or have energy. also, if the did eat, and did not have an anus or excretory system, they could not get rid of the unused and unusable food. see? so if aliens were real, they would have to have anuses themselves.

  5. …? How is the anal probe thing not possible? your comment makes no sense to me…. They have other ways of eating and excreting unusable materials, I’m sure.. I mean, we sweat.. thats another form of excretion….. Flies taste with their feet…. ETC….

  6. funny is not real for me πŸ™‚

  7. is very real becouse the aliens are here ]:-(

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