14 Foot Long Hammerhead Shark Murdered

Long time readers of my blog know I have certain idiosyncratic quirks when it comes to sharks. However, this is just wrong!
Apparently, some folks in Florida offed a 14 foot Hammerhead – which may a record for size. Feh, Hammerheads belong in the ocean, not on the end of a hook!
Hammerheads (the one pictured above is not the murder victim) are kind of cool…

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  1. I am in full accord. I wept when I read the article in one of the papers here in critically endangered Florida. How very Nice of them to donate the corpse to science. Killing for sport – only a few other species seem to do it, including, as you well know, our cousins, Pan troglodytes. My take is, if you kill it, eat it.
    Sharks are astounding organisms, hammerheads certainly leading the pack in amazing talents, and we’ll soon have put paid to their accounts, long before we’ve learned even a fraction of their capacities. Now I am getting upset again.

  2. Donating the body to science was the one – small – upside to this. I would have preferred it not be killed at all. Based on the pictures in the video it was a magnificent shark, pity it’s no longer in the Hammerhead gene pool…

  3. Given that much of Florida will be under water when the ice caps melt about the same time ole dead hammer head’s children are big and hungry, I would expect a really neat’o revenge feeding frenzy on old geezers named Bob.

  4. I am former resident of the area (Sarasota area) and a former researcher at the marina which got the donated shark (Mote Marine Observatory on Longboat Key). It *is* sad that this enormous shark met such an undignified end, especially when I read that it struggled for hours and dragged the boat for miles. I don’t see what scientific value the body of the shark may have, I’m sure many hammerheads have already been studied, and as far as I know the only difference in this one is size. But, there are a few reasons to take heart: 1)the fact that the shark was so huge may reflect a healthier ecosystem and fish population that was thought; 2) seeing an enormous stuffed hammerhead on display at the marina may encourage future generations to be in awe and respect these ancient, and in many ways, superior beings. Perhaps the death of this impressive beast may influence the conservation of many more ordinary-sized sharks.

  5. One can only hope…

  6. if you really want to stop shark fishing, or finning. Send Viagra to all the eastern countries that beleive shark fins are an aphrodisiacal.

  7. I was so sad when i read the article and i was full of simpathy for the shark

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