X-Men: The Last Stand

I just saw X-Men: The Last Stand a little while ago. I’ll get to that in a minute.
One of the things I also saw was a trailer for POTC II – looks really good. Davy Jones looks much better than the picture PZ has been wistfully posting…
Back to X-Men. Some random thoughts. I thought a little more of it than PZ did. Although, I do agree with him on the whole Golden Gate Bridge scene. Been me I would have just snuck up on everybody. I also agree that most of the characters seem to have been window dressing with not much else to do. You can definitely tell there was a change in directors (it wasn’t as jarring as that between The Crow and The Crow:City of Angels). Prof. Xavier didn’t come off that well either. Kelsey Grammer was great as Beast and Nightcrawler has gone AWOL Overall, it wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t as good as the first two.


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  1. no depth, IMO. none at all.
    I dug Kelsey Grammer, but he could’ve used a bit more time to develop the depth that they only hinted at.
    And Vinnie Jones? I mean, I’m a fan and all, and he’s not a nancyboy, but they should’ve just used someone like Triple H.
    And scenes longer than a minute at a time would’ve been nice.
    oh well.

  2. I don’t know. Much of Magneto’s style has always been the arrogant frontal attack (these humans and their guns…) and this time around, the overwhelming (well, he hoped) numbers and the spectacle of the battle were as important to him as the victory. Not that it was a clever decision, but I thought it was in character. As for the number of characters – part of this is to pacify comic-book fans who want to see their favorites, part of it is to flesh out the world, and part of it was because the movie was too short to allow much else… But all three films have been about Logan and his journey, and really, what else was needed in this one to advance that story? Singer might have kept the feeling the same, but I was quite satisfied… the final scene between Logan and Jean made me cry, and I didn’t expect that going in.

  3. Yeah, my wife says no more Hugh Jackman films because this is the second one she has seen where he kills the love of his life…

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