Sounds Like Missouri Republicans are Out of Touch to Me

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Missouri voters say they’re willing to spend more tax dollars to restore Medicaid coverage to 90,000 residents, and strongly support increasing the state’s minimum wage for workers.


They also continue to overwhelmingly embrace a ballot proposal that would protect many forms of embryonic stem cell research, and one to increase the state’s tobacco taxes.
But they disagree with the Republican-led Legislature’s recent decisions to eliminate campaign donation limits and a ballot proposal that would require most voters this fall to show government-issued photo identification before they vote.

The best quote from the article comes from someone asked about stem cell research:

Cline, the nurse, said her concern for life was the reason that she embraced such research.
It makes more sense, she said, to use those embryos for research to cure diseases. “I think it’s wrong to bring religion into science,” Cline added [emphasis mine=afarensis].

Which brings me to a pet peeve. Cline is described in the article as Democrat. On the other hand, several others either “…leans Republican…” or “…generally backs Republicans…”. Why not call them what they are (Republicans) instead of trying to portray them as folks who haven’t quite made up their minds yet but are leaning towards the Republicans? Consider the following:

Mary Jo Christian, a homemaker from Florissant, says she voted for Bush in 2000. But now she considers herself a Democrat. She says she won’t vote for any Republicans this fall, for any office, because she’s so disturbed about the health care cuts.

No hesitation to label the person a Democrat there. Now I understand that a lot of these are “self identifications” and the press is just reporting what people say about themselves, but clearly the two Republican leaners already know which way they are going to vote (I’m sure they both have consistently voted Republican) so why not quit being wishy-washy and say it? Has the word Republican come to be such a dirty word that folks are ashamed to apply it to themselves?

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  1. Has the word Republican come to be such a dirty word that folks are ashamed to apply it to themselves?

    I sure hope so.

    The problem is, that if a politician is not reality-based, the will of the people is irrelevant.

  2. I think in Missouri, the “leaning” term is pretty accurate.
    Missouri is one of those states that has a lot of “could vote either way” people. We alternate Democrats and Republicans for the statewide offices, and some independents. The balance is currently shifted Republican, but there is little reason to think that it will hold much longer — the governor has made some major mistakes, and the state legistlators have made unpopular decisions as well.

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