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If you could have practiced science in any time and any place throughout history, which would it be, and why?…

There are two several time periods I would love to practice science in.

The first is anytime pre-NAGPRA. As the linked article shows, NAGPRA has put a definite damper on North American skeletal biology. Not that I don’t synpathize with Native Americans…I just think we have gone too far in the other direction to the detriment of physical anthropology.
Although, doing science in the time of Thales of Miletus or Aristarchus of Samos would have been cool too!
Of course, working in physics around the time Einstein published his relativity papers, or in biology around the time of Darwin and Huxely would have been cool!


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  1. > biology around the time of Darwin and Huxely
    I’m not sure I agree that it would have been all that interesting, frankly. Or at least not *because* of Darwin and Huxley. Most of the interesting things at that time – e.g. embryology, morphology, genetics, cytology – were happening more-or-less independent of any evolutionary outlook.

  2. Uh oh, looks like someone needs to report to the nearest evil Darwinian Orthodoxy center for “re-education”!
    I think I probably should have expanded on that part a little. I have been reading some Huxley here and there lately and the more stuff of his I read, the higher my opinion of him becomes. Darwin always impresses me, so really this part of my answer was more about meeting the great ones than doing science…

  3. What astronomy belief did Thales disprove?

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