Babbling Bats

Below is a picture of Saccopteryx bilineata also known as the sac-winged bat:
According to and article on New Scientist the pups have a pretty unique ability.

They are one of the few young (outside of young primates and some young birds) that babble:

BABBLING bouts of barks by baby bats. It’s not a tongue-twister; it’s the first example of infant vocalisation in non-primate mammals.
In human infants, babbling has an important role in language acquisition, developing the vocal tract and associated musculature. Similar behaviour is seen in other primates and some songbirds.
Now a team led by Otto von Helversen at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, has recorded infant babbling in sac-winged bat pups (Saccopteryx bilineata), a species with an unusually large vocal repertoire.
The pups, aged 4 to 8 weeks, uttered renditions of all known adult vocalisations, including barks, chatters and screeches…

How cool is that!

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  1. Can there be a Boy Bat Band in the future? Bat Street Boyz perhaps?

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