White Evangelicals Becoming Disenchanted with GOP

According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the percentage of white evangelicals who thing the GOP is religion friendly dropped by 14 %. Overall, there was a 8 % drop (55 to 47 %) in the number of people who consider the GOP to be religion friendly.

“The Republicans had done a good job of mobilizing those two groups in 2004 and that may be cooling a bit now,” said Scott Keeter of the Pew Research Center said, referring to white evangelicals and white Catholics.

Food for thought:

The survey found that about four in 10 Christians identify themselves as “born again” Christians or evangelicals, while a third describe themselves as “progressive Christians.” The conservative Christians are a far more unified group politically than the progressives, however.

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  1. With any luck, the recent Plan B decision will accelerate this trend.

  2. Praize Jeebus, Can I get an AAAAmen-ah!

  3. Newsflash: Evangelicals have vague sense that people are pandering to them for votes, don’t really care.

  4. I don’t see how anyone could consider either party “religion friendly” when the vast majority of their candidates are hardline atheists. Clearly, a Christian has no chance whatsoever of being nominated by the modern Republican *or* Democratic party, because of their pervasive anti-religious bias.
    Oh, wait, those are the Bizarro World primary results. In *this* timeline, both major parties have an overwhelming *pro*-religious bias; Christians are favored for every nomination, Jews can get in with an uphill struggle and anyone else can forget it. How this can be framed as “not friendly to religion” is literally incomprehensible to me. It’s like people complaining that their water is too dry.
    I’d be more reassured by this if it didn’t clearly represent the perception that the Republicans aren’t pandering *enough* to Christianity. The prospect of an even *more* theocratic party is pretty damn scary.
    Unless it’s not big enough to get anything done and just splits the right-wing vote between warmongers in one party and Jesus pushers in another; that’d be just fine.

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