Republicans and Science, or the Republican War on Science

Michael Gerson on Bushs’ stem cell policy:

First, the president’s policy has been useful, giving scientists the time and incentive to pursue a number of alternatives to the wholesale destruction of embryos. Second, all this research and debate concerning a small clump of cells is an encouraging sign that American conscience remains on duty. They reveal an intuition, even among people who consider themselves pro-choice, that this clump is different from a hangnail or a tumor. It is genetically distinct, biologically alive and undeniably human. And when this life ends, like a snowflake in a warm hand, we know that something irreplaceable has been lost.

Gerson presents a wonderful picture of a wise president making smart choices about stem cell research. Gerson was also a speechwriter and policy adviser to President Bush. Now he gives the Republican Party line for Newsweek. If you really want to know how the Republicans feel about science read The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney which is being released today in paperback. You can learn more at the above link

4 Responses

  1. Uh…
    Does this mean that Gerson opposes the wanton melting of snowflakes? And if so, what is his position on global warming?

  2. “Giving scientists the time and incentive”? Without the funding ban, does Gerson think scientists would have been forced against their will to spend all their time on embryonic lines?
    That has to be the stupidest justification of the ban that I’ve seen

  3. Sure, it made them take all that time and effort away from looking for actual cures, and spend it on finding away around Bushs’ ban…

  4. I can’t get enough of that snowflake metaphor. It implies an embryo is of no more value than a snowflake.

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