Homo floresiensis: The Debate Continues

A new article on Homo floresiensis has been published in PNAS (and is fortunately open access). The lead author of the piece is Teuku Jacob and is quite interesting. Carl Feagan and John Hawks both have some interesting things to say about it. The New York Times also has a story on it (including some comments from Peter Brown).

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White Evangelicals Becoming Disenchanted with GOP

According to an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the percentage of white evangelicals who thing the GOP is religion friendly dropped by 14 %. Overall, there was a 8 % drop (55 to 47 %) in the number of people who consider the GOP to be religion friendly.

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Interesting Video on the Adena People

Via the Archaeology Channel comes this interesting video on the Adena people. You can also see this interesting video about Atapeurca (warning: it’s 45 minutes long) among others…

Social Behavior in Spiders

According to New Scientist a new species of spiders has been discovered that lives in groups and cooperates when hunting:

According to Avilés, there are over 39,000 identified spider species. While she has seen just over 20 species cooperate, she has never encountered any species quite like Theridion nigroannulatum.
The spiders live in nests that house up to several thousand individuals which hunt by hanging threads from low lying leaves. They then hide upside down, beneath the leaves waiting for prey.
When an insect flies into the strands a group of spiders drop down and throw sticky webbing over it. To finish off the ambush they inject venom with their tiny jaws.

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Evolutionary Biology Major? No Smart Grant for You

Via The Panda’s Thumb comes this astonishing news:

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Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury

Happy 86th Birthday Ray Bradbury!
To celebrate, let me know your favorite Bradbury book, novella, short story, etc. Mine is Something Wicked This Way Comes (or Dandelion Wine or Farenheit 451 or …well, you get the idea).

Thoughts From Kansas Joins ScienceBlogs

Welcome Joshua! For those unfamiliar with his blog, he is part of the dynamic duo of Kansas blogs (Red State Rabble being the other), and was one of the first bloggers to link to my old blog. Josh writes on science, politics and everything in between. His coverage of the Kansas BOE hearings, for example, were quite informative. In an odd coincidence our birthdays are on the same day. Check out Thoughts from Kansas in it’s new digs!