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According to fellow ScienceBloggers John Wilkins, Kevin Beck and Jake Young Steve Irwin passed away after being stung by a sting ray. ABC News has the story as does MSNBC.
I have always been somewhat impressed by Mr. Irwin. Regardless of his showmanship (and few did it better) his true love of, and dedication to, animals always shone through. One of the things that impressed me the most is his dedication to conservation efforts (including getting the Australia Zoo involved in breeding programs and such). For example:

Irwin was also seen as a vocal critic of wildlife hunts in Australia. The federal government recently dropped plans to allow crocodile safaris for wealthy tourists in the Northern Territory following his vehement objections.
Irwin told the Australian television program “A Current Affair” that “killing one of our beautiful animals in the name of trophy hunting will have a very negative impact on tourism, which scares the living daylights out of me.”

My condolences to Terry, Bindi and Bob Irwin and to the staff at the Australia Zoo. Steve’s loss will be felt by animal lovers everywhere…

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  1. Is Steve Irwin our Primate of the Week?
    (oh wait it’s not Friday …)

  2. I visited Steve Irwin at the Australia Zoo a couple of months ago. He was incredible to watch during his show with the crocodiles. I have enormous respect for what he did and hope that people will listen to his message and start taking care of our environment. A great, great naturalist and animal lover died today. Very sad indeed.

  3. I was first introduced to [i]The Crocodile Hunter[/i] through one of his Discovery Channel specials, the one about finding the 10 most venomous snakes, back in 1997. My first impression was “this guy’s a nut!”
    But I was hooked. I sat through the whole show and was sure to catch anything that aired after that. His enthusiasm was genuine as was his compassion for wildlife. His antics and theatrics were the mechanism he used to get the attention his cause needed. His cause was to educate the public on the importance of conservation and recognizing the plights of wildlife the everywhere.
    Steve made me laugh. He made me think. He made me appreciate wildlife. And he added “crikey” to my vocabulary.
    Thinking of Terri, Bindi, and Bob who are now dealing with the fact that their husband and father won’t be coming home from work makes me very sad. My thoughts are of them in their loss.

  4. I wish to send my love and condolences to Terry and Bindi and the Irvin family. Australia Zoo is one of my favorite places on earth. My father from Germnay loves to visit there whenever he comes here to visit. Not only is it a beautiful place for animals, even the staff there are very happy and content. They obviously love their job. I love visititing because of the peaceful and happy atmosphere for the people and animals. Steve and his family are very compassionate people and it is so obvious when you visit Australia Zoo in the staff and atmosphere too. Our condolences for you and our love. From Coolangatta

  5. My first introduction to Steve Irwin was a few years ago. I was flipping channels and came across Steve holding some kind of poisonous spider. As he was talking about the spider I noticed he was totally focussed on the spider rather than the camera. I forget exactly what he said, but after a few minutes he puts the spider down saying it was preparing it’s fangs to bite him. My first thought was that anyone who would hold a poisonous spider was nuts, but then what he said about the process the spider went through as it prepared to bite sunk in. Clearly he was a keen observer of animal behavior and knew what to look for. I have been watching Crocodile Hunter Diaries for about six months or so and he mentioned quite frequently that in interacting with animals he has to play by the rules – which are the animals rules. I was was also struck by how well run and professional the Australia Zoo seemed to be…
    Carl- “Crikey” was added to my vocabulary by Danger Mouse but I did pick up calling my animals “naughty” from Steve Irwin.
    Miguel and Panja – Thanks for sharing your visits to the Australia Zoo!

  6. An exhuberant. thought provoking teacher who would not be ignored. A sad loss to people of all generations.

  7. I started watching Steve as soon as we got animal planet on cable, I grew to be a fan of his work and soon after, a fan of the person he was, including Terry. I watched the family of Australia zoo evolve as well as his own family. I admired him tremendously for his passion and message.
    He let us not only learn about wildlife, but who he was as a person. He truly was a wonderful, kind, and beautiful man, who did his all for animals that could not speak for themselves. He taught the world so much, and was a true treasure to us all for sharing his knowlege and love for wildlife with the rest of us.
    I still can’t believe what happened.
    My heartfelt condolences go out to Terry, Bindi, baby Bob, Bob (his father) Wes and all his family and friends at Australia zoo and around the world.
    You will be missed forever Steve. I will always remember you.

  8. I didn’t get to watch much of his shows, but I was saddened by his death.

  9. I said it somewhere else in the last few days but I only wish that a tenth of the people in world did their jobs with as much enthusiasm as did Croc Hunter.
    Thanks, Steve, for all that you did to make the world a better place and my condolences to Terry, Bindi Sue, Bob, and his extended family at the Zoo.

  10. I am deeply saddened by the passing of this exhuberant teacher and lover of animals. My thoughts are with his wife, his children, family and his zoo family including Wes.
    -Linda Brcko

  11. According to THIS story, stingrays have been found in Australia killed and mutilated, apparently in “revenge” for Irwin’s death.
    What could be a worse legacy for Steve Irwin if true??

  12. Yeah, one wonders what kind of sick twisted logic could lead a person to kill animals in revenge for the death of a conservationist…

  13. Steve Irwin has been gone for a month, and I still think of him, his family, Wesly, the Australia zoo, and their charities. Nobodys passing except the passing of my grandfather has affected me so much. I truly believe Steve Irwin was one of the very greatest people to ever walk this earth. I know I will donate fair sums of money to his cause for the rest of my life.

  14. Yeah, I still don’t watch Crocodile Hunter Diaries

  15. This page, and especially the comments submitted by readers, are a fitting, moving tribute to Steve. Tom James, in October, said a month had gone and he still thinks of Steve.
    It’s now three months, and I am sure millions feel likewise.
    Soon it will be year’s end, and his story will again feature prominently in all the year-roundup television shows.
    Again, I too share my condolences along with those who have written before me. I look forward to seeing the zoo for the first time and meeting its staff in January – when I will volunteer for a week – what a great way to help further the conservation cause.

  16. Thanks. I and my readers appreciate the compliment. As I understand it Animal Planet is going to be airing a tribute soon.


  18. Even though its been a few months since Steve’s acident, I still can’t belief what happend. I loved watching “The Croc Hunter” and “Croc Diary’s” and I still do. I’m glad they didn’t stop airing them after what happened.]
    I can’t say I knew Steve personally, I haven’t even been to Australia, but I do that Steve was a kindered spirit that gave all the animals who couldn’t talk for themselves a voice; that’s what he was all about.
    I love what Steve did to help animals and what everyone is now doing to help them more.
    All of Steve’s friends and family out there, I send my deepest appreciation to you for continuing Steve’s dream!

  19. He was a ggreat guy. I wish I would have known him as a friend. I’m sorry about what happened to Steve Irwin. He must have been a great guy it seems like. I hope your alright Terri about his passing away. If you want to talk somemore than email me. I would love to talk with you about him someday.

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