Begging for Articles from the Journal of Human Evolution

Added later: I have “A new morphometric analysis of the hominid pelvic bone” The other article comes from Human Evolution – not the Journal of Human Evolution…and I am still looking for it…
If any of you have access to the Journal of Human Evolution can you send me the following two articles?
Size and shape of the australopithecine pelvic bone
Journal Human Evolution
Issue Volume 18, Numbers 3-4 / July, 2003
A new morphometric analysis of the hominid pelvic bone
Journal of Human Evolution, Volume 38, Number 3, March 2000, pp. 347-365(19)


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  1. I sent the March 2000 article, but the first one is from “Human Evolution” not “Journal of Human Evolution,” and my Uni didn’t have access. If no one else can come through on the first, I’ll see if I can get an ILL copy. Most of the time they mail a photocopy, but occasionally they email a pdf… if the latter it’ll take a couple days but if by mail maybe a week or two.
    So, for other readers, afarensis is still looking for “Size and shape of the australopithecine pelvic bone” from Human Evolution vol 18, no. 3-4 from July 2003. The author is MARCHAL F.

  2. Okay… I ordered the 2003 article through ILL. I’ll let you know when it comes in.
    Incidently, do you have any information or citations that discuss A. afarensis foot morphology? I have a bit on A. africanus, but nothing on afarensis. Is afarensis foot morphology assumed because of the prints at Laetoli and not based on actual bones?

  3. Check your e-mail.

  4. Carl – Stern and Sussman did some stuff on both hands and feet and I think White reconstructed the feet and did a paper on it. Let me look through my stuff and I’ll email you some references.

  5. If you haven’t got the 2003 article yet, my library just emailed me that the ILL order I placed is ready. I can pick it up this evening.

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