Peruvian Dog Mummies

In case you missed it, BBC News has interesting story on dog mummies found in Peru:

The discovery was made during the excavation of two of the ancient Chiribaya people who lived in southern Peru between AD 900 and AD 1350.

Archaeologists have discovered approximately 40 of them:

The dogs, which have been called Chiribaya shepherds for their llama-herding abilities, were not sacrificed as in other ancient cultures, but buried with blankets and food in human cemeteries.
Biological archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than 40 dogs which were naturally mummified in the desert sand of Peru’s southern Ilo Valley. Now they have teamed up with Peru’s Kennel Club to try to establish if the dogs represent a new distinct breed indigenous to South America.

For More on the Chiribaya culture go here


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  1. i dont like that dead dog,

  2. O_o Cooooooooooool!:D That is so cool! I wonder what it looked like alive. That would’ve extra special. I mean to see it alive. Kudos for thinking about that as a new dog breed though. That’s Awesome!XD

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