Cardinals in the World Series: Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

I’m a little shocked the Cardinals made it to the World Series. They have played erratically all season, but be that as it may I’m sure we will correct the error that was 1968.


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  1. They’re tiger food.

  2. Actually, it is the Tigers who made the mistake in 1968. The let the Cards get ahead of them three games to one before finishing them off by winning three games in a row. I expect the Tigers not to let things get so precarious this time before finishing the Cardinals off this time around.

  3. Orac – The Tigers winning the series in ’68 was a major Cardinals mistake (although it wasn’t as bad a mistake as ’85 – but that’s another nightmare).
    John – I will admit that the fact that the Tigers handed the Cardinals their collective behinds in interleague play has some of us St. Louisans a little worried…Biggest worry, though, is that we don’t seem to be hitting well at the moment. We’ve lost the last three we were in so we are due.

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