Grad School at the American Museum of Natural History

Via Dino list comes the interesting news that the AMNH has been granted the ability to grant Ph. D.s:

In a significant extension of the Museum’s longstanding role of training the next generation of scientists, the Museum’s Ph.D. program will focus on comparative biology, one of the most exciting and challenging research areas in the biological sciences today, covering the origins, history, and range of life on Earth. The program is grounded in the Museum’s scientific resources, including its world-renowned collections of more than 30 million specimens and cultural artifacts constituting an irreplaceable record of life, a legacy of excellence in field discovery and theoretical advances, the largest independent natural history library in the Western Hemisphere, advanced technological capacity, and an internationally recognized staff of curators who will serve as faculty for the Gilder Graduate School.

How cool is that!

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  1. Interesting. I wonder how this relates to the current Columbia University graduate program between the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and AMNH. I guess it’s different because it covers biology?

  2. As far as I am aware from my time working in the biology departments of both Columbia and NYU, AMNH has had long-standing arrangements with those departments pursuant to which grad students receive Ph.D.s from Columbia or NYU while performing their thesis research in AMNH labs. So AMNH already has a history of training Ph.D. students, and now they will grant the degree as well.

  3. That is my take on it as well…

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