Just Ruin Halloween Why Don’t You?

This, from the BBC News, about a group that wants to ruin Halloween:

Bishop Gillett wants a shift away from horror character masks, like Hannibal Lecter, towards the Christian celebration of good over evil.

What Easter and Christmas aren’t enough? Okay, christian celebration of good over evil. Let me see, some of us can go as Abraham sacrificing Isaac, or Joshua slaughtering the residents of Jericho. Or maybe we can go as victims of the apocalypse – where most of humanity will, apparently, be consigned to a lake of eternal fire by Jesus

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  1. Well I have dressed like a Catholic Priest on a couple of Halloweens…

  2. Well BigDumbChimp, that’a a costume that should scare the jebbus out of most young boys.

  3. I was thinking “Night of the Living Dead Jesus” fresh from the grave and screaming for brains….er, I guess that should be three days out from the tomb and screaming for brains…

  4. I can fully get behind that second costume. Should be really easy for me. 😉

  5. I like that second one… conjures an image of “Jesus meets Orac’s Hitler Zombie” for me. Maybe that’s what happened to Hovind’s brain.
    As BigDumbChimp already knows, I’m the pope this year. Going to take my one night and try to reverse a bunch of church teachings that I don’t care for, but somehow I doubt they’ll listen.

  6. The celebration of good over evil? Let’s see:
    Major apocalyptic fiction popular in america, people looking forward to World War III == Evil.
    Televangelists snorking up money left and right == Evil.
    Pediophile preists being conveniently forgotten == Evil.
    World starvation and terror while people are worried about condoms == Evil
    Nah, good hasn’t triumphed over evil yet. Let us know when it does, Bishop.

  7. The scary ambiance of Halloween helps prepare us for the scariest of all seasons….the week before Election Day!

  8. Perhaps the triumph of good over evil he’s referring to is the trimph of secular Halloween merriment over Christianity’s pleas to stay in line and don’t speak up.
    Well, one could only hope.

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