Looks Like The Snow Missed Us

We didn’t get much snow in my area, just more ice. So much ice that tree limbs are falling. 450,000 people are without power due to falling lines – my power went off a couple of times but, fortunately, came back on and stayed on. The temperature is 22 in St. Louis this morning.

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  1. Hey, what a coincidence – it was 22 today in Knysna, South Africa, where I live. That’s Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Falling lines – don’t you keep them underground? How do you keep warm during those power failures? Is that weather of yours normal for this time of year, or are we talking climate change?

  2. No it’s 22 Fahrenheit here in St. Louis. Unfortunately, our power lines are not below ground. Keeping warm during this power failure isn’t going to be easy. But lot’s of folks have fireplaces, propane heaters etc. It’s actually been really mild here the last few winters so this is more like a return to normal.

  3. Pole-strung cables are far cheaper than underground cables in the short term, plus any hint of a whiff of an attempt at improving infrastructure in America gets you loud shouts of “taxes!” and “commie!” and kicked out of office post haste.

  4. We have the same problem here in Miami. Year after year, hurricanes twist, snap and gnarl our power lines, and year after year our leaders decide against burying the lines.

  5. Do you feel that the water is not freezing in the sky fast enough? would it be related to the current increase in temperature. global warming has caused the earth to not enter an ice age that we are well overdue for. The carbon in the air is not helping the situation. less and less snow is falling. more and more ice is breaking off the ice caps. do you have any ideas on other more eco-friendly sources of energy that will reduce the amount of green house gasses that are released into the atmosphere?

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