The Second Ghost

The second ghost of christmas…

“Why, ScienceBloggers, Why?” said the ghost of Bambi “All you had to do was make an elf of yourself and Godzilla would have missed. Of course, being stepped on is not what killed me. It was the Godzilla toe fungus.”
But it is not too late to avoid making Bambi a dead toe fungus riddled ghost of Christmas. I think I hear <a href=" Godzilla coming. Quick, save Bambi, make an elf of yourself. According to Dickens, the third ghost was the most horrible. So ask yourself, do you want to be haunted by a ghost more horrible than Jerry Falwell and Toe Fungus Bambi?

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  1. Boy this takes me back to the early 70s and bob Wilkin’s “Creature Features” were I saw it first. There is a sequel I think it was callsed Bambi’e Revenge but it was not on youtube.

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