My Best Science Writing

Like the others, I have been asked to submit some of my best science writing for a book. So I thought I would ask you, the reader, what are the best science posts on my blog? Are there any that stand out? Don’t limit yourselves to anthropology, I do tend to stray into paleontology, biology and genetics (among other fields) from time to time.


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  1. I liked your Kennewick Man series.

  2. I second the Kennewick Man stuff….
    Hmmm, I think I need to dig into the archives and refresh my memory a bit though.
    and away I go!!!

  3. I too love the Kennewick man series. However, a bit of homonym help on this section:

    The size of the sciatic notch has lead to “The Rule of Thumb”. If you stick your thumb into the sciatic notch and have some room to wiggle it, it is female. If you have little to know room. it is male.

    ‘know room’ => ‘no room’ .

  4. Oh, the homonym error was from this post

  5. F%#$@&* typos. I’ll have to fix that. Great pun though! Unfortunately, based on the criteria The Kennewick posts will be way to long…

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