Note To DailyKos: We Control our Own Content

Dr. Charles wrote a piece expressing dislike for Edwards as a presidential candidate. A dairy at DailyKos called for a ScienceBlogs boycott according to PZ (the entry has since disappeared). Worse yet, apparently the dairy writer wanted to start an email campaign directed at Seed Media in order to discipline Dr. Charles in some form or another. We ScienceBloggers have complete control over our blog content, consequently, Seed Media couldn’t really do much. Let me point out that these kinds of attempts to squelch free speech by liberal bloggers is pretty repugnant given the way they rail against right wing bloggers for suppressing dissent on their blogs (note the post has been deleted at DailyKos – something us liberals also condemn right wing blogs for doing). I like Edwards, and am not so narrow and small minded that I can’t tolerate a differing opinion (especially from someone as caring and passionate about his patients as Dr. Charles). It’s called free speech. As Carl Sagan noted:

Now it’s no good to have such rights if they’re not used – a right of free speech when no one contradicts the government, freedom of the press when no one is willing to ask the tough questions, a right of assembly when there are no protests, universal suffrage when less than half the electorate votes, separation of church and state when the wall is not regularly repaired. Through disuse they become no more than votive objects, patriotic lip service. Rights and freedoms: Use ’em or lose ’em.* [emphasis mine – afarensis].

Really, what is the difference between the right wing calling us traitors for criticizing Bush and the liberal blogger trying to punish Dr. Charles for criticizing Edwards. We are liberals, which means we have no leaders who are immune from criticism.
* (Yes, I plan on using that quote a lot).

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  1. A dairy at DailyKos called for a ScienceBlogs boycott according to PZ (the entry has since disappeared).

    WTF? I thought it was just Dembski/DaveScot at UD that disappeared entries.

  2. Thank you! I thought the entire world had lost its mind when I saw all the hoopla about his post. It seemed so . . . Well, so right-winged and abusive. Squelch dissent at all costs! My, how we’ve come full circle.
    Again, thank you for shedding a bit of rational light on a very dark matter. At least some liberals haven’t lost their minds.

  3. They criticize Dr Charles for not allowing comments, but then delete their ENTIRE entry, thus preventing comments as well.
    What hypocrites!

  4. RBH – I did too. Imagine my shock to see a liberal, non fundy, site doing the same.

  5. criticizing DailyKos for a stupid diary is like criticizing ScienceBlogs for one of Legion’s comments. This is a non-story, people.

  6. I wasn’t criticizing DailyKos, I was criticizing a dairy on DailyKos. I think the issue involved – our ability to criticize potential or actual leaders without repercussion – is important. We liberals do not need to be making the same mistakes the Republicans and the rightwing blogosphere do.

  7. Are you talking about milk and milk products because you typed ‘dairy’ a couple of times there (I assume you mean ‘diary’). I just get an odd mental image of Australopithecines attacking cows.

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