Revealing the True Me to John Davison

Davison was on a previous thread whining about the fact that I am a pseudoanonymous blogger. As you listen to this, just change the word “men” to “afarensis” and the letter “m” to the letter “a” (Davison is good at changing letters so this should be easy for him).

Now that I have revealed that I am part of AIB (thats Afarensis in Black) to you all, expect someone to show up with a mindflash thingy to give you new memories….


4 Responses

  1. Poor old John Davison…still doing the same old same old. I’m sure you’ll have to ban him eventually. He’s a one trick pony (like signing off with a quote lifted from Patton), and wants to be banned. It’s really the only recognition he gets since his ignominius exit from U. of Vermont years ago. He seems to think being banned, whatever the blog, is some sort of honour.

  2. I know. I’m trying to draw him away from the other thread. Given the content of his blogs, I’m not sure if he understands you can have more than one post per blog.
    P.S. Dave S someone will be along presently to give you a new memory…

  3. I knew it! I knew it! That was *you* I saw in that black helicopter, hiding fossils in the Grand Canyon!

  4. Damn, the new memories didn’t take! Since you will be forgetting this conversation momentarily, I might as well mention that the reason Dembski thinks the designer is a space alien is because Dembski is a space alien, in fact he is the designer. There should be someone knocking at your door in a few…

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