Stupid Creationist Comment of the Day

The fact of the matter is evolution does not violate the second law, but humanism does. No word on what exactly the maker of this quote thinks humanism is.
There is a lot more, including a discussion of fossils which I may fisk later. The amusing thing is the author is suposed to be fisking Five Major Misconceptions about Evolution yet ends up repeating the misconceptions:

(A) #9 is based on fragments to a skeleton found miles apart and at greatly varying depths and then placed together as if from the same individual. The fragments are also small with most of the skeleton missing.


Update: Apparently that whole section on hominid transitional fossils was taken from here and was not written by the above writer. Go figure.

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  1. What I find hilarious is the URL of his blog: morethenfine.
    The bozo doesn’t even know the difference between “then” and “than”.

  2. afarensis says:

    No word on what exactly the maker of this quote thinks humanism is.

    He explains it all later on in the next paragraph.

    Most evolutionists right from the beginning will state we don’t live in a close system, so this law does not apply to us, or humanism.

    You see, humanists are those who think thermodynamics doesn’t apply to them because they are human. That their mere existance apparently is enough to make a closed system open. How foolish they are!

  3. If you really want to offend ID/CS wackadoos, point out to them that a new species can arise in less than a year and be distinct from its parent species. Polyploidy will really stick in their craw, which makes it so much fun to needle them with. It’s like their god does play dice and occasionally misses a throw.
    Wikipedia has a decent article on the subject, revealing how common polyploids are.

  4. Ahh, but Roy, then they will say that just proves that no new information is ever created!
    Of course, their heads will explode when you ask them to define information and why doubling the chromosomes isnt new information.

  5. Take a look at his biographical info:
    Automotive tech. Figures

  6. I like his Thought of the Day (for today):

    Why are there so many lost people in the world? Because the workers like me are just sitting around doing nothing! What a tragedy! We are all called to be great workers, the only thing holding us back from the greatness God has for us, is us.

    I suppose he’s right, there’s only himself holding him back from greatness, although I suspect he’s had a lot of help from other whackos. However, he’s really only speaking for himself–others have studied and learned stuff.

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