Saturday Know Your Primate: Megaladapis edwardsi

Suborder: Strepsirrhini
Infraorder: Lemuriformes
Superfamily: Lemuroidea
Family: Megaladapidae
Species: Megaladapis edwardsi
Madagascar is, and has been, home to a wide variety of interesting primates. Once upon a time, Madagascar was the home to several species of giant primates.

Megaladapis edwardsi is one of those giants. Estimated body size was around 150 kg (about 330 pounds). Megaladapis edwardsi was folivorous (dental formula was 0:1:3:3 on maxilla and 2:1:3:3 on mandible). Based on the anatomy of the nasal region, some have suggested that it had longish prehensile lips. Megaladapis had long arms relative to its legs, a long trunk and long curved phalanges. Megaladapis was a vertical clinger and climber, although on the ground it moved quadrupedally.You may be mentally comparing Megaladapis to a sloth at this point, but a better comparison would be a koala.
The picture below compares the skull of Megaladapis to a gorilla:


The next picture shows the entire skeleton (note how robust Megaladapis was):


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