More Hesperopithecus Pictures

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the Hesperopithecus tooth. Here are a few more.

They were taken from
Notes On The Type Of Hesperopithecus haroldcookii Osborn – a 1923 article by William K. Gregory AND Milo Hellman.
In the article they state:

The anatomical, palaeontological, and .other evidence already
accumulated tends to show that man, Pithecanthropus, Hesperopithecus,
and the various anthropoids form a natural superfamily group, which
may now be named the Hominoidea, in contrast with the Cercopithecoidea,
or Old World monkeys.

They provide a phylogeny as well:
The position of Hesperopithecus is circled in red. Gregory would, four years later, prove that the tooth was that of a peccary

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  1. Damn! This reminds me to make an appointment to see the dentist again…
    Didja ever wonder why getting fundies to see reality is like pulling teeth? (With apolgies to Andy Rooney)

  2. Pliocene hominids in Nebraska? When peccaries fly!

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