McCain at Discovery Institute: Presenting His Posterior for Ritual Mounting

Unfortunately, I will be away from my computer for most of the day today. So I scheduling this post in advance. At some point today McCain will be speaking at the Disco Institute. Will he be the tough talking, independent, maverick he has suckered the press into thinking he is? Will he chastise the Disco Institute for their intellectual dishonesty and all around skanky behavior – give them a wedgie? Will he say “Get thee to a science lab!”. Or will he be the submissive right wing pander hominid he has morphed into lately and ceremonially present his posterior for ritual mounting by the denizens of the Discovery Institute? I’m betting the latter rather than the former.
As I said I will be away from the computer most of the day so let me know what happens!

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  1. Given his position when he spoke at Bob Jones…I’d say the latter is an excellent bet. Look for talk of “openess” and “fairness” and that “science should welcome new ideas”. .

  2. Hey McCain– you need to hear this!
    I just heard University of Wisconsin’s Dr. Sean B. Carroll (Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics and an Investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical) talk about evolution and how the Discovery Institute cheats students out of an education.
    Carroll, author of the recent book “Making of the Fittest,” explains that the US is paying a price for its lack of scientific literacy.
    Listen here

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