Lophocebus ugandae

Lophocebus ugandae is a new species of monkey endemic to Uganda. According to Science Daily they were just discovered recently. Unfortunately, they may not be around long:

But Professor Groves said that the new species faces a serious threat if a plan to clear its major habitat area goes ahead. He said the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni had given permission for 7,000 hectares of the Mabira Forest to be cleared for sugar and palm oil production. This decision was attacked by many Ugandans, who saw it as a threat to tourism and water resources.
Professor Groves said the forest clearing would also be a catastrophic blow for the local mangabeys.

Female Chimps: The Mighty Hunters

From Kenneth Oakley’s 1957 book

Man the Tool-Maker


One may sum up by saying that apes of the present day are capable of perceiving the solution of a visible problem, and occasionally improvising a tool to meet a given situation; but to conceive the idea of shaping a stone or stick for use in an imagined future eventuality is beyond the mental capacity of any known apes. Possession of a great capacity for this conceptual thinking, in contrast to the mainly perceptual thinking of apes and other primates is generally regarded by comparative psychologists as distinctive of man. Systematic making of tools implies a marked capacity for conceptual thought.

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Minnesota Pre-Clovis

Brian Hoffman has two interesting posts up about the recent find of pre-clovis artifacts at Walker Hill, Minnesota.

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McCain at Discovery Institute: Presenting His Posterior for Ritual Mounting

Unfortunately, I will be away from my computer for most of the day today. So I scheduling this post in advance. At some point today McCain will be speaking at the Disco Institute. Will he be the tough talking, independent, maverick he has suckered the press into thinking he is? Will he chastise the Disco Institute for their intellectual dishonesty and all around skanky behavior – give them a wedgie? Will he say “Get thee to a science lab!”. Or will he be the submissive right wing pander hominid he has morphed into lately and ceremonially present his posterior for ritual mounting by the denizens of the Discovery Institute? I’m betting the latter rather than the former.
As I said I will be away from the computer most of the day so let me know what happens!

World’s Oldest Artificial Eyball Found

The artificial eye was found in Iran and dates to about 5,000 years ago according to Times Online. from the article:

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More Hesperopithecus Pictures

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the Hesperopithecus tooth. Here are a few more.

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The Domestication of Barley

According to an article on Science Now barley has been domesticated at least twice. The problem is that early evidence for domesticated barley occurs in two areas. The Fertile Crescent around 10,500 years ago and in Central Asia around 9,000 years ago. Complicating the picture is the fact that:

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