Saturday Know Your Primate

Infraorder: Omomyiformes
Family: Omomyidae
Subfamily: Anaptomorphinae
Genus: Teilhardina
Species: Teilhardina asiatica
The genus Teilhardina is actually composed of at least four species: Teilhardina asiatica, Teilhardina belgica, Teilhardina brandti, and Teilhardina americana. Teilhardina asiatica is the oldest, dating to the Paleocene/Eocene boundry.

As the name suggests, Teilhardina asiatica is found in Asia. The other three are found in Europe and North America. Current evidence indicates that Teilhardina evolved in Asia and spread to Europe and North America with the dispersal taking about 15-25 thousand years. Additionally, it is thought that Teilhardina asiatica is close to the common origins of anthropoid primates.
It’s dental formula it, it has an unfused metopic suture, the eye orbits do not converge and there is no postorbital closure. It also has a relatively small brain.

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  1. This lovely creature would have been so much cooler with a saggital crest.

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