The Egnor Challenge: Day Six

Imagine my excitement when I heard Egnor had resurfaced over at Evolution News and Views. “At last”, I thought, “Egnor is going to respond to the challenges posed by myself, Orac, and Mike Dunford. I was quite twitterpated at the thought!

Unfortunately, as

2 Responses

  1. Constant repetion of phrases, poems and terms is a method the right uses to educate its masses. In fact, it is the only method left that works for them – similar to chanting mantras.

  2. Creationists do this all the time. This is because they really don’t have any science behind their assertions, so all they have is repetition. I guess they think if they repeat something often enough, people will come to accept it as true. And, unfortunately, some people do.
    Anne Gilbert

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