The Egnor Challenge: Day Six

Imagine my excitement when I heard Egnor had resurfaced over at Evolution News and Views. “At last”, I thought, “Egnor is going to respond to the challenges posed by myself, Orac, and Mike Dunford. I was quite twitterpated at the thought!

Unfortunately, as Mike Dunford points out, Egnor totally avoided any of the issues we raised. Disappointment is a cruel master. You see, rather than addressing any of the questions raised Egnor merely engages in rote repetition of his previous comments. He doesn’t expand on them, he doesn’t try to support them with any kind of evidence, he just repeats them in the vain hope that repeating himself will make his words true. I’ll update you on the issue in a week or so…

2 Responses

  1. Constant repetion of phrases, poems and terms is a method the right uses to educate its masses. In fact, it is the only method left that works for them – similar to chanting mantras.

  2. Creationists do this all the time. This is because they really don’t have any science behind their assertions, so all they have is repetition. I guess they think if they repeat something often enough, people will come to accept it as true. And, unfortunately, some people do.
    Anne Gilbert

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