Hawks on Homo floresiensis

Hawks is at the AAPA meetings and reports on several interesting papers on Homo floresiensis. The first examines the crainofacial shape of LB 1 and concludes that the morphology is consistent with that of a scaled down ancient hominid. The second looks at the wrist anatomy of LB 1 and concludes that:

…the evidence is more consistent with hypotheses that H. floresiensis is descended from a hominin ancestor that migrated out of Africa prior to the evolution of the shared, derived carpal morphology characteristic of H. sapiens and H. neanderthalensis.

Update: As Matt points out in the comments, this was at the Paleoanth meetings. I misread Hawks, he will be at the AAPA meetings later this week.


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  1. We want DNA! We want DNA!
    Seriously though, if we can get a new fossil from that cave in suitable condition for DNA analysis we will have a fascinating picture of hominid evolution. Either that or a very quick answer to the accusation that it is just a microcephalic human that is being mistaken for a different hominid species.

  2. The wrist bone paper was very cool, and indeed the carpals are much closer to apes and early African hominins than modern humans. I do not have pics available to me, but they indeed looked very different from modern humans. The meeting is going very well!

  3. I’d like to see comparisons done between the wrist of H. floresiensis, and those of H. erectus, H. heidelbergiensis, and H. georgicus.

  4. FYI,
    the talks you speak of were at the Paleo’s, not the AAPA’s, which followed the Paleo’s this time around. I was there.

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