Question for FTK, Davescot and World Nut Daily

Have you actually read the bill in question?. I ask because I have and I don’t find any mention of:

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Darwin Explains the Rattlesnake’s Rattle

This also comes from the Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals:

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The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times

In his introduction to The First Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times., paleontologist Peter Dodson writes:

As a child I greatly enjoyed Greek mythology (always in preference to its more derivative Roman counterpart). I might also mention that my father, a biologist, majored in ancient Greek in college. I devoured Edith Hamilton and Bulfinch and D’Aulaire.

I could say something similar about myself. I have always been fascinated by ancient Greece, even taking ancient Greek in college (rather than German like most of the rest of my anthropological peers). I have read Hamilton and Herodotus, Dodds, Euripides and Harrison, and so on ad infinitum . So when I first first heard of a book that combined my two interests of old bones and ancient Greece I was immediately interested.

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A Simple Experiment

This comes from The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. One of Darwin’s reasons for writing the book was to refute the suggestion, by Charles Bell, that:

“…man is endowed with certain muscles solely for the sake of expressing his emotions.”

(The quote comes from the introduction in The Descent of Man)
Here he is talking about expressions of suffering and weeping and provides a simple experiment the reader can reproduce:

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Greg Lake Videos

The first one comes from his Emerson, Lake, and Palmer days:

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Know Your Primate: Pachylemur insignis 

Superfamily: Lemuroidea
Family: Lemuridae
Subfamily: Lemurianae
Genus: Pachylemur
Species: Pachylemur insignis
The genus Pachylemur is, at present, composed of two species; Pachylemur insignis and Pachylemur jullyi .

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In Memoriam: Mstislav Rostropovich

The music world lost a giant today. Mstislav Rostropovich passed away at age 80. Outside of classical music circles Rostropovich was best known for his defense – and more – of Solzhenitsyn.

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Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers interviewed Jon Stewart in a piece on Bill Moyers Journal. Absolutely fascinating interview, if you missed it, the video should be posted here tomorrow. I would strongly advise you to watch it. Stewart is a lot more complex than I thought he was. You can find a transcript of the interview here. An example where Moyers and Stewart talk about the McCain interview:

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Another Animal Displays Human Cognitive Abilities

Last Friday I wrote a post about monkeys displaying the ability to reflect on their own thought processes. New Scientist has an article about dogs displaying human-like learning ability:

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Making Mapmaking Illegal

According to National Geographic Malaysia and the Philippines have passed laws making it illegal for anybody other than certified specialists to make maps. The laws are aimed at indigenous groups fighting for their land rights:

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