Know Your Primate: Pachylemur insignis 

Superfamily: Lemuroidea
Family: Lemuridae
Subfamily: Lemurianae
Genus: Pachylemur
Species: Pachylemur insignis
The genus Pachylemur is, at present, composed of two species; Pachylemur insignis and Pachylemur jullyi .

Pachylemur insignis is a subfossil lemurid from Madagascar. Fleagle says they are robustly built prosimmians, with fore and hind limbs similar in length. He also mentions that they are dentally similar to the Ruffed Lemur (Varecia variegata) and for awhile there was some debate as to which genus they should be placed in. Recovery of ancient DNA indicates that they are in fact more closely related to Varecia than to any other lemur.
(Picture Source: Sub-fossil lemurs)

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