Choose the Right Biofuels

Think all biofuels are an enviromentally sound substitute for petroleum? Think again:

Because of the logging industry and ultimately the destruction of rain forests in favor of cash crops, many orangutans have resorted to raiding palm oil plantations in Indonesia, Boreno, and Malayasia. Subsequently they are,
“branded pests for venturing out from their diminishing forest habitats into plantations where they eat young palm shoots.”

The video below explains what happens next.

(Hat tip to Kambiz)

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  1. It’s kind of scary that our politicians are taking this generalized, simplified “green” stance by accepting biofuels without question and largely without research to back it up as environmentally friendly. We should be more concerned with sustainability more than anything else, and thus far, biofuels have proven anything but.

  2. It doesn’t matter. No matter what “green” fuels are chosen, Greenpeace will be unhappy. Positive choices that lead to sustainable survival of the Human race are of no interest to Greenpeace. The Greenpeace agenda is to bring back the pristine nature of all of Gaia and to “cure” Gaia of this infestation of humans by eliminating them. They have no interest in technological solutions to these problems because they believe technology is unnatural. The fact that humans can no longer survive without their technology doesn’t bother them at all since we are the source of all evil and do not deserve to survive.

  3. Don’t confuse the message with the bearer. There is ample evidence that deforestation on Borneo is occurring – deforestation rapidly followed by palm farms. Animal Planet, for example, had a show on last night called Orangutan Orphans which spent quite a bit of time discussing that very issue. This is a real threat to Orangutan survival.

  4. I don’t (or won’t) confuse the message with the bearer.
    BTW, how would I email you articles I see from time to time which might (or might not) be of interest to you?

  5. My email address is in the “Contact” tab above…

  6. Please don’t make the mistake of lumping all biofuels together. Biofuels from palm plantations are not the only biofuels. My family has not bought petroleum fuel in almost a year, running my truck, my wife’s car and our home heating furnace on biodiesel. And unless there is a population of orangutans living in the canola fields of Canada, I have done them no harm.

  7. That is why I titled the post “Choose the Right Biofuels” instead of “Avoid all Biofuels”.

  8. Duh. If only I would read………………

  9. I’ve been saying for years that biofuels (and petro-based fuels as well) should be source- labeled wherever they’re sold. It’s a dilemma, no easy answers. Mine is Traix for commuting (see my url).

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