Sigh, Why Couldn’t it Have Been Athens?

According to Science Daily Rome, circa 320 AD, has been rebuilt using advanced digital technology, laser scanners and such:

“Rome Reborn 1.0” shows almost the entire city within the 13-mile-long Aurelian Walls as it appeared in A.D. 320. At that time Rome was the multicultural capital of the western world and had reached the peak of its development with an estimated population of one million.
“Rome Reborn 1.0” is a true 3D model that runs in real time. Users can navigate through the model with complete freedom, moving up, down, left and right at will. They can enter important public buildings such as the Roman Senate House, the Colosseum, or the Temple of Venus and Rome, the ancient city’s largest place of worship.

Video clips and still images can be found here

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  1. Sorry about Athens, but this site is wonderful – hopefully we actually actually use it live soon.

  2. Well, Athens is always just the same mess (0_O), don’t need to be rebuilt!
    Disclaimer: born in Athens

  3. Well you could try this site, unfortunately he only has the Acropolis, rather than all of Athens. This guy has built models of Rome, Babylon, Versailles, and the Acropolis.

  4. The music is completely and utterly inappropriate, though. Quite the “mood-killer”

  5. And more news about ancient Rome in modern times, Water stops flowing for Rome’s fountains:

    Rome’s most important fountains are drying up after the 2,000-year-old Roman-built underground aqueduct that supplies them was smashed by workmen laying foundations for a garage.

    Before its encounter with 21st century garage builders, the Virgin aqueduct has flowed almost continuously since 19BC, when, according to legend, thirsty soldiers of the general Agrippa were shown a secret spring south east of Rome by a girl, hence the aqueduct’s title.

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