News of the Weird: Skeleton Eroding Out of Iceberg

The Star has an interesting story about an unidentified skeleton eroding out of an iceberg seen in Bonavista Bay

Marine scientists are, at present, unsure as to what species the skeleton belongs to. From the Star:

“It’s definitely unusual,” Stenson said today. “It’s not something that I’ve encountered before.”
His colleagues have been debating whether the carcass belongs to a bearded seal, a walrus or a beluga whale. But without the actual specimen in his hands, Stenson said he can’t resolve the mystery.
“It would be really nice to get a copy, a sample, a hold of it, but at this point we’re not quite sure what it is,” he said.


Stenson said he was told the backbone was roughly 2.4 metres out of the ice, leading him to believe the spine belonged to a large mammalian creature.
But he is uncertain whether the animal would have fallen into a crevasse in an iceberg and then got stuck, or if it simply died on an ice floe and later became embedded by other pans of ice.
“It could be a walrus, for example, that died and is laying on its back and the pressure of the snow and the ice has flattened those ribs,” he said.
The bones don’t appear very weathered, and it looks like there may be tissue still attached to them. Stenson wouldn’t speculate on how old they are because the ice may have preserved them for years.
The iceberg’s location, or if it was still intact, weren’t known Monday.
“Sometimes a lot of my mysteries never get solved,” Stenson said with a sigh.

Afarensis thinks the crew forgot to unthaw James Arness after the filming of The Thing from Another World


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  1. And nobody thought to go look? Bureaucracies and control freaks have a lot to answer for.

  2. Apparently, the above picture and several others were taken by a family in late May. They were given to a friend and forwarded to the Canadian Fisheries Dept. in hopes of getting an ID on the bones.

  3. I donīt understand why this should be so special. It is most probably the relic of a polar bearīs meal, according to the anatomical features of the skeleton a pinniped.

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