President GorbaBush Tear Down This Wall

Some of you may have caught the National Geographic article detailing the environmental effects of the wall currently being built on the US/Mexico border. Additionally, the wall poses serious concerns for conservations worried about the wall obstructing the ability of animals to nove back and forth. Yahoo News has an article on the impact of the wall on archaeological sites. Ostensibly, the article concerns a three way squabble between tribal members, tribal authorities and the Border Patrol, but reveals some interesting information:

The tribal government said in a news release that the areas in which the human remains were found were among 11 archeological sites identified by the tribe that lie in the path of the barrier.

These eleven sites occur within a 75 mile stretch of land belonging to the Tohono O’odham nation. This makes me wonder how many other archaeological sites are being impacted by the wall. Given the Bush administration’s hostility to science one wonders if the significance of some of these sites isn’t being downplayed or flatly ignored.


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  1. Who knows what the hell these people are thinking, I mean their building a wall with holes in it. Not to mention the wall their building can easily be bypassed by climbing, digging, or cutting. I guess the administration just thinks Mexicans are to stupid to figure it out. Too bad for them that your average uneducated citizen of Mexico is more clever than our Harvard graduate president.

  2. The “wall”, if it could be called that, is a ridiculous political statement. To me, this undeclaired “war on immigrants”, is along the lines of the war on drugs, war on poverty, war on hunger, war on etc, etc, etc, that politicians are spending a butt load of pork barrel money on, and never get real results. It becomes a self sustaining burocracy, that once started, takes a life of it’s own.

  3. I’m with RAM. If you are serious about a “war,” you fight it to win. In the case of illegal aliens, you spend the billions of dollars that it takes (just like in Iraq) to track them down, jail them, and deport them…and along with them, the CEOs, Human Resources personnel, and whomever else gave them the jobs or social services benefits that enticed them to enter this country illegally and to stay once they got here. If you aren’t willing to do this, then don’t bother; especially don’t bother to engage in make-work so you can righteously claim that you are “doing something.”

  4. Yeah, that will work. Not.

  5. Actually, it is even more absurd and tragic. The wall will cut a texan border town’s university from a part of itself. The main campus is on the american side of the wall, while the annex will be on the mexican side of the fense, even though the annex is on the american side of the Rio Grande.
    So the fence will create many pockets of this kind of neither world. American soil that americans can’t access without going to mexico first, American soil that mexican can reach more easily than americans.
    If the fense is built we might as well be ceding the land between the fense and Rio Grande to mexico, because de facto that is what it will become.

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