Louise Leakey on Human Evolution

The Archaeology Channel has an interesting interview with Louise Leakey. For those who are unfamiliar:

Fourth-generation Kenyan Dr. Louise Leakey (Ph.D., London University) has upheld the Leakey family legacy in the search for human origins through continuing research with the Koobi Fora Research Project in the Turkana Basin of northern Kenya. Daughter of renowned palaeoanthropologists Meave and Richard Leakey…

The video is 15 minutes long…


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  1. What the hell is London University!?

  2. Just as a guess, I’d say it’s “The University of London is a federation of 20 self-governing Colleges of outstanding reputation, and a number of acclaimed central academic Institutes and activities.
    “Through its member institutions, the University of London offers almost every subject covered in any university curriculum, delivering huge flexibility and choice to its students.”
    I’m ready for your next question now, which should be “what is a search engine?”

  3. I wasn’t being entirely serious.
    PS: I work within the University of London system (as opposed to London University which doesn’t exist).

  4. Dang, if you can’t trust the Archaeology Channel who can you trust?

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