Ya Try to Take a Break…Then They Find a 1.2 Million Year Old Tooth at Atapuerca

The BBC is reporting on a 1.2 million year old premolar found at Atapuerca:

“There is no doubt, from the (geological) level where the tooth was found, that it belonged to the oldest European found to date,” the French news agency AFP quoted him as saying.

Unfortunately, that is about all the info the BBC has.
Yahoo also has the story. From Yahoo:

The foundation said studies of the geological level suggested it was more than one million years old but that final results were being awaited prior to “publishing this extraordinary finding in a research journal of the highest scientific prestige.”

Hmmm, now I’m kind of skeptical…

In other news Carl Feagan at Hot Cup of Joe mentions that Semir Osmanagic is losing his funding:

Not a pyramid at all but rather a “natural formation,” says the Bosnian Culture Minister, Gavrilo Grahovac. So they’re pulling the plug on self-proclaimed, “amateur archaeologist,” Semir Osmanagic, who, for a little over a year now, has claimed that the geologic formations as Visoko, Bosnia are pyramids built by people in antiquity.

Check out the rest of Carl’s post!


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  1. No rest for the wicked…err, weary, kiddo.
    I hate it when that happens, doggone it -the doity bahsids. They’ll interfere with a hiatus every daggum time if ya don’t keep an eye on ’em.
    Doity Bahstids, everyone of ’em – Doity Bahstids.
    I hope your disrupted hiatus turns out to be a wonderful time filled with refreshing relaxation. One that is much, much better than you could have planned it.
    *Read ya next time!

  2. Dunno what to make of the Atapuerca story, exactly. Mainly because, like Afarensis, I’d like to see a more scientific exposition of this find, than Yahoo or the Beeb. Let’s just wait and see.
    Oh, and enjoy your minivacation, or whatever you’re taking. You need a rest every once in a while. . . .
    Anne G

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