…Then Why Are There Still Monkeys

A commonly encountered creationist argument asks why there are still monkeys if they evolved into apes and humans. This is the stripped down version of an argument by Casey Luskin. Casey has discovered the MSNBC article concerning the recent study of quadrupedalism and bipedalism in chimpanzees and bipedalism in humans. Jason over at EvolutionBlog discussed the first part of Casey’s whine and Chris at NorthState Science has taken Casey to task for the second part (drawing my attention to it in the process) which specifically focuses on anthropology.
Here is Luskin:

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Happy Birthday to Me

If memory serves it is also Joshua Rosenau’s birthday (but I could be wrong – in which case oops!), so go on over to Name to be determined later and wish him a happy birthday.

Begging for an Article

Update: Thanks! I have the article now!
Can someone send me a copy of the article linked to below:

Hadzabe Discussion

Chris has some thoughts on the Hadzabe issue. Those of you who are interested in the issue should follow the link an make your opinion known…
Added a few minutes later: An interesting point of view on the Hadzabe

A Reader Sends A Gift, A Grateful Afarensis says “Thank You”

I ordered some books over the weekend. When I got home from work today I found a book in today’s mail. “Damn, that was quick” I thought as I eagerly ripped into the package to reveal a copy of Walker’s Primates of the World. Which was quite surprising because I didn’t order it. Further investigation revealed that it was ordered off my Amazon Wish List (which I don’t mention much). The book is a much appreciated gift from a reader of my blogs ( I won’t mention your name, unless you want me too). To the sender, a big Thank You, you made my day!

Darwin Experiments With Site Formation Processes

Okay, it was really about mold formation, but the experiment itself sounds like something that would make Michael Schiffer (for those of you unfamiliar with him, Schiffer’s work primarily centers around the processes – natural or manmade – that go into the creation of an archaeological site.) proud. In this experiment Darwin takes advantage of some natural and manmade processes to examine mold formation. The experiment concerns three fields belonging to his father-in-law, Josiah Wedgwood II, that had been treated in three different fashions – it also involves one of Darwin’s favorites (earthworms):

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Some Music For You

Courtesy of Canned Heat

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They Just Rotted Inside and Died: A Hadzabe Update

An alert reader left a link to this article in the Daily Mail. By turns stereotypical and sensitive, the article reveals a few more details about the UAE trying to by Hadzabe land and the plight they are facing:

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New Paleontology Carnival

The first edition of a new carnival devoted to plaleontology is up at Laelaps. Heck, if I had known about it I would have done something on the omomyidae orCantius or some such, and submitted a post. Anyway, check out the dino goodness!

Know Your Primate: Galago demidoff

Order: Primates
Suborder: Strepsirrhini
Family: Galagidae
Genus: Galago
Species: Galago demidoff
Common Name: Dwarf Galago
The dwarf galago resides in Africa. It ranges from southern Somalia to northern Tanzania and from Senegal to western Tanzania.

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