Inti Wari Yassi Wildlife Refuge Needs Your Help

Inti Wari Yassi Wildlife Refuge needs your help. The refuge is located in Bolivia and was founded as an outgrowth of a program aimed to teaching poor children a trade. The program had several field trips to different parks and such and the founder decided to create a wildlife refuge to help remedy the adverse impact of humans on their environment. The primary purpose of the refuge is:

In Bolivia, there are black markets full of wild animals being sold to hotels, private homes and circuses. These animals are usually obtained by hunting down the parents or group leaders and then taking the babies to be sold in the black markets. In many cases the animals are endangered species. The captured animals are usually kept in small cages, with little or no protection from the elements. Many are malnourished and some badly abused.
The refuge is run by Tania Baltazar (Nena), and several other permanent Bolivian volunteers. They are aided by nonpermanent volunteers who come from all over the world for a minimum of two weeks. They help clean and build cages, prepare food, tend to sick animals, create new trails, and give explanations to tourists. All personnel are volunteers.
The main goal of the wildlife refuge is to rehabilitate the animals. The refuge provides these animals with the respect they deserve and works hard to ensure the utmost freedom possible for each individual animal, when rehabilitation is not possible. Our philosophy is that no wild animal should be abused or kept as a pet!

There is a problem though:

Sadly Nena and Juan Carlos have just been informed that the area at the front of Parque Machia, Villa Tunari, consisting of ‘the casa’ in which many of the Bolivian workers live alongside some temporary volunteers, the volunteer cafe, the veterinary clinic, the monkey quarantine and the small animals area are no longer to be rented to them. The woman who owns the buildings and land now wants to sell it and has given them 2 weeks to find US$30,000 to buy it, or she will sell it to her son who is likely it seems to turn the area into a restaurant.

There are two things you can do to help. First, spread the word – the more PR the better. Second, make a donation.

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