Because There is No Racism Here

Eschaton links to an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune. Apparently, after the demonstrators left Jena white supremacists and the KKK moved in:

Then the leader of a white supremacist group in Mississippi published interviews that he conducted with the mayor of Jena and the white teenager who was attacked and beaten, allegedly by the six black youths. In those interviews, the mayor, Murphy McMillin, praised efforts by pro-white groups to organize counterdemonstrations; the teenager, Justin Barker, urged white readers to “realize what is going on, speak up and speak their mind.”

Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune article, it is interesting. Especially this part:

“There is a major white supremacist backlash building,” said Mark Potok, a hate-group expert at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group in Montgomery, Ala. “I also think it’s more widespread than may be obvious to most people. It’s not only neo-nazis and Klansmen–you expect this kind of reaction from them.”

Somedays I think America has lost its collective mind…

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  1. Where and when was it last seen? Perhaps this would help us find it.

  2. I think this kind of garbage has always been there(and in other places as well, unfortunately). It’s not always visible. It’s often quiescent, usually working “institutionally”, but from time to time, its visible face reappears. I think this is what has happened at Jena.
    Anne G

  3. So when the black supremacists left, other supremacists followed? Surprise, surprise. And the Southern Poverty Law Center is hardly a “civil rights group”. Of course, Morris Dees of the SPLC is no one you’d want on your side considering his background:

  4. Hmm. Justice is the Black student body sueing the Jena school system for allowing nooses to be hung from a tree on school property and not doing anything about it.

  5. I’ll take the Southern Poverty Law Center over David Duke and his crowd of bigots any day of the week…

  6. SPLC or David Duke, huh? I’ll pass on both. Most would.

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