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From Acta Paleontologica Polonica. The picture below is of “Sublethal injuries in Early Devonian cephalopod shells”

Sculptural asymmetry, irregular rib course and isolated septa in various early ammonoids (limonitic internal moulds) from the early Zlíchovian (early
Emsian, Early Devonian) from the Ouidane Chebbi region (Tafilalt, Morocco). A, B, D, E. Erbenoceras advolvens (Erben, 1960). A. PIMUZ 7481, asym−
metric sculpture and irregular rib course, in right lateral (A1), ventral (A2), and left lateral (A3) views; note the interrupted rib. B. PIMUZ 7482, irregularly
spaced ribs and triangular deformation of the mid−ventral part of a rib (cephalopod−bite−mark? “forma verticata” of Hölder, 1956), in ventral (B1) and left
lateral (B2) views. D. PIMUZ 7485, sculptural asymmetry, in right lateral (D1), ventral (D2), and left lateral (D3) views. E. PIMUZ 7489, with one complete,
but loose septum. C. cf. Erbenoceras advolvens (Erben, 1960), PIMUZ 27031, irregularly spaced ribs, inflated venter, and a subsequent smooth venter; the
actual fracture is not visible, just the deformed part of the shell which had formed after the injury, in ventral (C1) and left lateral (C2) views. F. Chebbites
reisdorfi Klug, 2001, PIMUZ 7486, with three isolated septa. All specimens were coated with NH4Cl

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