Frog Legs in Archaeological Assemblages

I haven’t mentioned Archaeozoology lately, so to remedy this error I would like to point you all to
Frogs in the Eneolithic diet
an excellent discussion of an interesting archaeozoology paper.


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  1. I perused the local newsstand this weekend and happened across a new magazine: Science Illustrated by Bonnier Corp. It seems slick but shallow. The photos are nice, but there is no depth to the science. There is almost no discussion of the scientific method, rather science is presented as a set of amazing factoids.
    I thought you might want to check it out anyway because one of their articles is about Cahokia Mounds, which I know is a favorite topic of yours.
    There’s also an interesting article about a jagged limestone landscape in Madagascar, which I was not previously familiar with, and which is a suitable subject for a photo-oriented approach.

  2. Thanks for the link. I’m glad you enjoyed the discussion.

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