I Find Mitt Romney Deeply Disturbing

Consider this exchange on Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: “Freedom requires religion.” Can you have freedom without organized religion?
GOV. ROMNEY: Well, I was paraphrasing and underlining, if you will, a quote that I’d just read from John Adams, who said that our constitutional form of government in this nation would require morality and freedom to be able to survive. And, of course, George Washington said virtually the same thing, that we were a nation that required a level of morality and religion in order to be a great nation and survive. And I think there’s truth to that, that the–that the great experiment of democracy, the experiment of America’s freedom has, as its basis, a sense of morality and a recognition that religious foundations are part of that, that morality.
And so I believe that long-term for America to remain a great nation and to lead the world, we must have a recognition of our religious base. Now, that’s, of course, not a particular denomination. But the, the founders of the nation, coming from different faiths and different persuasions, nonetheless all believed that the, the creator was an instrumental part of the founding of this nation. And I believe that that part of history should be taught, I believe that we should recognize the divine with everything from celebrations in the town square, with menorahs and nativity scenes, as well as in our history books, talking about the fact that the creators did believe in a fundamental sense of, of the divine. [bold mine – afarensis] And, and recognizing that that gives us a moral code, a suggestion of what is right and wrong, that is–that is, in many respects, unique in the world.
We, we believe, as a nation, from the founding of this nation, that God gave the individual certain inalienable rights. That’s not a constitutional guarantee, that’s not a policy guarantee, it’s a guarantee from our creator. And, of course, the corollary is that, that if we’re all children of the same God, that we have a duty to one another, to care for one another, Americans first and the people of the world second. And, and finally, that freedom is something which is–which is of a, an eternal nature. And so all of these things, I think, are part of what makes America unique and part of what gives us confidence that freedom can ring forever in, in this–in this land.

Sounds like Mitt wants to teach the whole Christian Republic nonsense in history class, or maybe he just wants to teach the controversy. At any rate the exchange continued:

MR. RUSSERT: But when you say freedom requires religion, can you be a moral person and be an atheist?
GOV. ROMNEY: Oh, oh, of course. Oh, of course.
MR. RUSSERT: And participate in freedom?
GOV. ROMNEY: Oh, of course. Yes, this…
MR. RUSSERT: So freedom doesn’t require religion?

Zing! Ouch, that had to hurt, and sure enough the Mitterminator regurgitated the previous Christian Republic alternate history of the US:

GOV. ROMNEY: Well, this–the, the context was talking about the, the founding of the nation and the, the sense in this case of John Adams describing the fact that our constitutional form of government and this American experiment required morality, which in turn required religion. And, and yet, of course, on an individual basis, you have many individuals of great morality and–that, that don’t have any particular faith.

You have to love it when logic and pandering collide…

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  1. Romney’s words – especially the part you emphasized – were widely believed among Mormons in the 1980s when I was being raised Mormon in Salt Lake City. The only change is that he (now) admits it is possible for an atheist to be a moral person. (It was interesting to grow up in a religion that both told the story that they were ‘persecuted’ by the federal government, and yet, that US constitution was ‘inspired by God’ .) This is very much his advocacy of teaching the religious beliefs of his particular cult.

  2. It probably will have no difference in voting results, but I am glad that someone nailed him with that on TV. It was such a stupid thing to say.

  3. If you assume that morality = religion (which I am not willing to concede), then it almost makes sense. Of course, Romney getting confused between Creators and founders doesn’t make his point any clearer.
    Romney says we need “a man of faith” to lead us. Huckabee is a raving evolution-denying Fundie. Obama loves to talk up his faith –
    so the question is (I guess), which faith-head is best to lead this nation?

  4. I believe that the word “douchbag” was created to describe him.
    You may have heard the word before you heard of Mitt, but that’s only because the Creator Of Religion Front-Loaded (or pants-loaded) it into our dictionaries. It’s another friggin’ miracle.

  5. Romney is part of a religion founded on the fact that all other denominations are abominations in the eyes of God….so why does he always point to these other denominations as the founding principles of our country.
    “…town square, with menorahs and nativity scenes, as well as in our history books”
    …….So would the history books say that the baby in the nativity scene was The Savior, Lucifer’s brother, part of the Triune God or just a good teacher?? If its a history book……only one answer should be correct

  6. Russert should have asked him if he thought an atheist who was also in his estimation a moral person could ever get his future support to be president.

  7. Yesterday’s York (PA) Dispatch carried an opinion piece by National Review Editor Kathryn Lopez which praised Romney’s speech for its tolerance, in contrast to Huckabee’s divisiveness. I was particularly amazed at the phrase “It’s a message that Mormons and Southern Baptists can applaud, as well as Catholics, Jews, and, yes, even atheists.”
    What a moron.

  8. As an outsider it looks to me as though Giuliani is the most dangerous Republican candidate as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The rest are infinitely preferable, even Romney. Romney is, after all, a breed of sheep.

  9. Can anyone tell me why any of these religious idiots consider themselves leaders when they are all self-proclaimed sheep??????????????? These people should flock and follow like all the other stupid sheep! STOP TRYING TO LEAD…you gave that up when you walked into the church dummie!

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