Neanderthal Children And Flintknapping

Julien Riel-Salvatore over at A Very Remote Period Indeed has a thoughtful and thought provoking follow up to my recent post on Neanderthal children and flintknapping. Here is a small taste to tide you over till you get there:

And here, I think we get to at least some of the heart of the matter – paleoanthropologists as a whole have invested a great deal of time and energy in trying to show how pre-Homo sapiens hominins were distinct from Upper Paleolithic humans rather than attempting to understand them primarily as foraging hominins who were very successful at eking out a living in the Pleistocene Old World. While there are obviously good reasons to do so in certain regards, approaching Neanderthals and earlier hominins first and foremost as foragers independent of preconceptions of how different they must have been is often a very rewarding way of doing archaeology that opens up fruitful interpretive avenues.

I couldn’t agree more!


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  1. And I completely agree with that, too! Too bad it isn’t done more often.
    Anne G

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