First, There Was eSkeleton, Now There is eLucy!

I hope most of my readers are familiar with eSkeletons – the website that has a complete set of digitized pictures of primate skeletons (from mouse lemur to gorilla) and human skeletons and allows you to compare them. It is a very valuable resource. Life just got better! Meet eLucy, a web site that lets you compare elements of Lucy’s skeleton to the same elements in a chimp and a human! It’s fire (as my teenagers would say)!
There is also a life size print outs and hominin flashcards! I’m in afarensis heaven!
(Hat tip to The National Science Digital Library.)


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  1. That’s so cool! No, I didn’t know about eSkeletons before, but now I want to spend the rest of the day playing with it. And eLucy’s also great. I’ll try and be patient until they get eFossil up and running. Thanks for mentioning both of these!

  2. I knew about eSkeletons, and have played with it a lot, but not recently. Thanks for the heads-up! What fun what fun….
    Are you familiar with DigiMorph?
    That site is super neato as well!

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