Know Your Primate: Cercopithecus neglectus

Order: Primates
Suborder: Haplorrhini
Family: Cercopithecidae
Subfamily: Cercopithecinae
Genus: Cercopithecus
Species: Cercopithecus neglectus
Common Name: De Brazza’s Monkey
The De Brazza’s monkey lives Africa, mainly in an area bounded by southern Ethiopia, Cameroon and northern Angola. They reside in forest, swmaps, and seasonally flooded areas – but vastly prefer dense vegetation and closed canopy forests.

debrazzas%201.jpgPicture source
De Brazza’s are one of the largest and most sexually dimorphic guenon species. Males weigh up to 7 kg while females weigh less than 4 kg. Both sexes have large cheek pouches and robust feet. They are generally brownish/greenish with a white snout and beard and an orange crown, additionally the males have a conspicuous blue scrotum. Social groups consist of 4-10 animals – mainly the female and her offspring. Males leave the goup upon reaching sexual maturity. There is, however, some variability in their social organization, which ranges from monogamous to polygynous. Ranges are small. De Brazzas are omnivorous and eat fruit, the inevitable insects, leaves and mushrooms. In turn, they are preyed upon by leopards, chimps, eagles, and snakes.
debrazzas%202.jpg(Picture source)

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  1. I’m surprised to read that DeBrazza’s are preyed upon by chimps. I didn’t think they shared the same territory.
    I did a natural history on the DeBrazza’s for our zoo’s enrichment program. We identified primary predators as leopards, crested eagles and pythons.

  2. I got that from the Animal Diversity Web entry on De Brazza’s monkey. I was actually somewhat surprised myself because I had mainly heard chimps take colobus monkeys and baby baboons.

  3. DeBrazza’s Guenon? No, that’s the Lorax!
    Not the only African primate with a Seussian connection, either: the mountain landscape of the Gelada’s habitat could only have been invented by T.S. Geisel.

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