Peer Reviewing Creationist Journal

Zoltán Sylvester at Hindered Settling provides some peer-review of Answers Research Journal. Answers Research Journal is the new “peer-reviewed” journal being put out by Answers in Genesis.
Anyhow, Zoltan is asking for suggestions because ARJ is calling for papers. I cabled Precambrian Archaeologist (who is currently out in the field doing IMPORTANT RESEARCH – he gets mad if I don’t spell it all in caps) and am hoping to get his suggestions by April.

2 Responses

  1. I think they mean “pew reviewed.”

  2. Sorry. All I can picture is an old Gary Larson Cartoon: “Welcome to heaven, here is your harp, Welcome to hell, here is your acordian.”
    So if a scientist leads a really bad life and goes to hell (assuming a theistic point of view), will the scientist spend eternity peer reviewing papers for a creationist rag?

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