Correcting an Omission: The Beagle Project

I can’t explain why I have never written about The Beagle Project before. It is so unlike me not to mention something related to Darwin. At any rate, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Darwin Project the goal is to:

In 2009, the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth we will launch a sailing replica of HMS Beagle. An icon of scientific progress, she will circumnavigate the globe in Darwin’s wake, crewed by aspiring scientists and researchers. They will carry out original research both at sea and on land, updating Darwin’s observations, breaking new scientific ground and relating the adventure of science to enthuse a new generation of young students.

The project also has a blog to keep you updated. Check it out.

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  1. Many thanks Afarensis. All heaven rejoiceth at a sinner who repenteth. Chortle.

  2. Not to be confused with…
    which may or may not have been eaten by the locals.

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