Luskin Has Fired Up The Ford Pinto: Looses Transmission

Channeling Mel Gibson in Mad Max Luskin goes into attack Pinto mode, unfortunately his intended victim is a friend of ERV’s. ERV is not happy. As an afterthought, although the DI types don’t like, say, PZ and Wesley and some of the other Panda’s Thumbites they really save their scorn for Eugenie Scott and, to an even greater extent, Barbara Forest. Based on her output in the last year, I fully expect ERV to join that illustrious company in the near future, and I hasten to add, that is great company to be in. Maybe the NCSE should recruit her.

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  1. Are you suggesting misogyny among rightwing nutcase anti-science religious types? Unthinkable!

  2. No, not me, I’m just observing a trend, yeah, that’s it a trend. Well, okay, yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.

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